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Human Performance: Sub-Optimal Goals

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1. Sub-optimizing goals can create systemic issues within an organization. Briefly explain how this might occur.

2. Look at the attached Entity Matrix. Will that class be enough to change physician behavior so that physicians will enter their own patient orders into a computer system? What clues do you see to support your decision? If something more is needed, suggest what else may be needed. Explain your reasoning.

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1. Sub-optimizing goals can create systemic issues within an organization. Sub-optimizing goals create precedents in the organization as to how work is done. These goals are not challenging and lead to low work motivation. Additionally, sub-optimizing goals set lower standards for work. Even when standards do not exist, these goals are accepted as standards. The system of the organization becomes weak. Low quality work can become the norm. In the future, it becomes very difficult to change the culture. For example, if sales persons are ...

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