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Formal performance appraisal system

You are the newly appointed department manager. Your department has not been performing well, and you have been investigating why. You soon realize that the firm has had no formal performance appraisal system. Supervisors that need to do a better job have not been receiving any kind of formal feedback.

To correct this situation, you will begin by creating a performance grading form that will be used to assess the front-line supervisor's performance. Create a form that includes areas the supervisors should be graded on and the relative weight or importance assigned to each category. For example, should 30% of the weight be assigned to communication skills versus 20% for coaching skills?

You want to make sure that the grading form reflects what you feel are the indicators of a good front-line supervisor's performance.

Create the form including the relative weights of each category and the grading scale to use (for example, for grading criteria you could use 1-9; low, mid, or high; or poor, mediocre, average, or excellent). Justify why you chose those criteria and why you assigned particular weights.


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Please check the attachment for the performance appraisal form for assessing a front-line supervisor's performance.

Explanation for weightage and ranking criteria: I have selected the following parameter for ranking- Outstanding, Above Average, Average, Below Average and Poor and have given points 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest point for outstanding performance and 1 being the lowest point for poor performance.

I have given maximum weightage of 30% to job knowledge as it is very important for front-line supervisors to be sound technically. It is important that they possess full knowledge of the job, organization, tasks, responsibilities and ...

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Creates performance grading form to assess front line supervisors' performance.