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Improving Performance in the Workplace

Within the following text, and other sources, please outline an approach to improving performance in the workplace, useful for an organization.

Moseley, J. L. & Dessinger, J. C. (2010). Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace Volume 3: Measurement and Evaluation. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer (Wiley Imprint).

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Impact Evaluation Process & The Grocery Business
The basis of the Impact Evaluation Process is that "everything we do is aligned to some greater purpose (whether we are conscious of it or not and whether we are aligning it well or not"(Guerra-LÃ?³pez, 2008), and this includes evaluations. I find this compelling, since it basically states that the method, with which organizations evaluate employees, impacts much more than just employees' remuneration, but actually the entire organization, including the organization's long term results, short term mission, and operational objectives. This is an important concept to understand and put into action in any company that wants to make progress and succeed in its goals. To better understand this concept, it is worthwhile to apply it to the company that I currently work for, a chain of grocery stores. Step one of the process involves identifying the stakeholders and their expectations. In the case of the order pullers in the distribution center, the stakeholders include the store managers who place orders and expect them to be filled completely and correctly each time. This also includes the accounting department, who expects the orders to be properly invoiced; the merchandising department, who expects the product to be pulled correctly without damages; and the distribution manager, who expects the pullers to enact their pulling tasks, as well as keep the distribution clean, organized, and properly inventoried. Ultimately, since each of us work for the customer, the shopper at each store expects to find the products on the shelves of his or her grocery store each week. The ...

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