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Casino Management - the Cage

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I need help analyzing questions. This pertains to Casino Management.

Describe what "the cage" is in the casino.
What is the role of the "Cage"? How important is where it is located in the Casino and how should it be managed?

Answers need to be at least several paragraphs. Any help is appreciated.

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The casino cage is basically the money center of every casino. It is an area that is under tight security including heavy surveillance. All monetary transactions are recorded and kept in the cage, and this is also where money is exchanged for chips, which are then used to play various table games throughout the casino. When casino guests are finished playing, they exchange their chips back for cash. The casino cage is called a cage because it is generally secured by a barred area - all four sides of the cashier in the casino cage are enclosed by bars to prevent attempted security breaches by those who would attempt to rob a casino. The environment around the casino cage is very controlled. Customers are ...

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This solution explains what the cage in a casino is, including the role of the cage. I also explain how important it is where the cage is located and how it should be managed. A detailed explanation is given for each question and references are also provided.

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