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    Improving Organization Retention of Employees

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    I am doing a paper on improving organization. I need help to address each question on how to improve recommendations to JC, the casino president, concerning how to improve overall retention. Please see the attachment.

    1. Evaluate at least two work motivation theories and how they can be applied in order to improve employee recruitment and retention at JC's Casino.

    2. Examine possible occupational stressors that are negatively influencing recruitment and retention. What improvement would you suggest to alleviate these stressors?

    3. Examine the role of job satisfaction and its influence on retention at the casino. Provide recommendations for improving job satisfaction for the employees and how that can play a part in successfully improving retention.

    4. Discuss counterproductive employee behavior occurring at the casino. What suggestions would you make to reduce the counterproductive behavior and increase productive employee behavior?

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    1a. If we examine Douglas McGregor's X-Y Theory, we know that they are central to organizational development. This theory implies that there are two approaches to managing staff. The X Theory focuses on the authoritarian management style of leading staff, while the Y theory utilizes the more constructive aspects of management and leadership and tends to be more participative and allows for further growth and development among staff members. The Y theory is the theory of choice to improve recruitment and retention at JC's Casino since the Y manager promotes rewards for hard work, rather than the punishment the X manager dishes out. The Y manager allows their employees the freedom of imagination and creativity in performing their work, thus creating a motivation and commitment to their work. The Y theory manager is more tolerant of the occasional error and sees it as a learning curve. There is an open line of communication with the Y theory manager and they tend to more even tempered, less blaming, gives instruction and direction in a courteous manner and participate in the work to some degree. Often the work is "asked" to be done and not demanded as in the X theory manager's style. They do not make threats or impossible deadlines to meet. This positive and open instruction leads to improved staff retention and recruitment since research indicates that ...

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