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Retention strategy for public sector employees; private vs public

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Retention Strategy

We are an outside consulting team and we have to propose a strategy for ABS in finding ways of retaining employees in the public sector because they are leaving for private sector positions.

Private vs Public in Technologies. (e.g., Eco- sustainable technologies, interconnecting networks, people, processes and knowldge, How can we as a consulting team make processes more effecient and eco- friendly. Is there political interference?

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Public sector employers face many challenges in employee retention. Typically, limited funding and tight budgets can create less desirable working conditions, as well as lower pay and less job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is important, as those who desire promotions or raises, based on performance, do so with the hopes of satisfying intellectual, as well as financial needs. However, adopting new technologies can be costly for public sector firms. New computer applications, hardware and software are often not expenses the public sector firm plans or allows for in its budget. Therefore, employees must often work with equipment or programs that may not entirely meet the needs of the organization. Employees will then spend more time completing tasks manually. Often in doing so, tasks are completed less ...

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The retention strategy for public sector employee are examined. The expert examines private versus public sectors.

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