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    Commercial & NonCommercial Recreation, The Casino Industry

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    1) Choose one commercial and one noncommercial recreation activity or attraction, and discuss their similarities and differences. Be sure to include differences in management styles and customer service.

    2) Discuss the aspects of the casino industry that set it apart from other hospitality entities. What are the reasons behind the casino industry's amazing growth over the years?

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    Recreation is a term that is used to describe a person's time to therapeutically refresh his mind or body. It provides opportunities for people to have fun and build lasting relationships with others through the experiences they have enjoyed doing together.
    Commercial recreation is usually an eco- or an adventure tourism. People are charge to gain access to amazing wilderness that consists of various guided outdoor activities. Examples of commercial recreation institutions are theme parks and the Walt Disney World (MGM Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom). Disney's leadership lesson is to "know what the people want" and their leaders are out in the field, mingling with guests and other casts to better understand the needs of their customers. When management meet with each other, they share their ideas and insights on how to enhance customer experience so they can apply them.
    Noncommercial recreation consists of leisure activities that are not charged nor do they involve the sale of goods or services. Examples of noncommercial recreation are weddings, ...

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