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Developing a Business Plan for a Casino

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Looking for advice in developing a casino.

You have just been hired to design and develop a casino in Massachusetts. You will be the final decision maker for the company, but you must develop it according to the gaming laws of Massachusetts and fit to the demographic.

In your final report you will include:
1. Location of the Casino
2. Name/ branding/ or any affiliation with other casinos
3. Overview of the laws of Massachusetts that you have to work with
4. Organizational Chart with a brief job description of each area
5. Floor plan of Casino
6. Foodservice Options
7. Marketing Plan
8. Working with towns and communities on creating awareness and discussing community concerns.


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In designing a business plan, the primary objective is to cover the core areas required in successfully opening a new business within a particular demographic. In the example, the casino industry is a very competitive business with some states having strict rules and regulation. In the selected state of Massachusetts recent laws have granted casinos to opening in certain locations authorized for gambling activities.

Let's take a look at a proposed business plan associated with opening a casino:

1. Location of the Casino

In selecting the location of a casino, the objective is an area that produces great amount of foot traffic and high-rollers with access of expendable funds. The location is imperative for establishing the brand and long-term equity within the immediate neighborhood for continued support even during economic challenges. One particular location recently allowing casinos - besides the norm of Nevada - is in Massachusetts near the turnpike or in little towns as of Brimfield with a population of 3,600 people (Goodnough 2012).

The location in Brimfield provides a New-England-style resort in the woods that promotes a resort type environment, in which; the atmosphere will reinforce casino vibrancy to patrons (Goodnough 2012). With access to the additional attractions as a resort atmosphere, the startup casino will have the proactive measures to connect with the targeted demographic audience. Patrons have the direct means to access the casino in reputable area for participation within the business that refrains from the presence of illegal activity. Instead, the proper licenses and requirements are posted within the building place for customer assurance and building a reputable business corporate operation.

2. Name/ branding/ or any affiliation with other casinos

In deciding on a name, the more unique to the particular area provides an ideal perception of the type of casino organization to compete effectively with other casinos. The objective is incorporating a name that reinforces the theme casinos, i.e. Adelaide Casino or Colusa Casino Resort. The name is branding an identity within the immediate demographic audience in the neighborhood and extended areas for patronage within the designated new casino.

3. Overview of the laws of Massachusetts that you have to work with

Currently, in the laws of Massachusetts is the allowance ...

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The preparation and design strategy for creating a solid business plan for a casino within a competitive marketplace. The strategic objective in analysis to decipher appropriate measures in succeeding in the targeted marketplace.

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