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Company Strategies, Performance and Strategic Direction

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Research and review two of the following companies listed below and answer all of the questions in essay form.

Cemex (www.cemex.com)
United Technologies (www.utc.com)
Unilever (www.unilever.com)
Toshiba (www.toshiba.com)
Smith Corona (www.smithcorona.com)

1. What corporate and global strategies does the company appear to be following? Explain in detail with examples for each choice.

2. Evaluate, with examples, the company's performance using financial and other measures for each of the two choice companies.

3. What changes might you recommend in the company's strategic direction? Explain your recommendations in detail.

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1. What corporate and global strategies does the company appear to be following? Explain in detail with examples for each choice.

Cemex is a global company that is based in Mexico. Cemex has a core business of cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete. Cemex is listed on the Mexican and New York stock exchanges. Cemex adheres to the local laws of the operating facilities. Also, Cemex tailors its products to the local markets. Cemex is focused on providing diverse and expansive products to their customers. Cemex places a high emphasis on customer focus, sustainability, innovation and operational efficiency.

[Information on Cemex was found at www.cemex.com.]

Cemex has customer focus by continually improving their products and offering a diverse number of products for the local market. Cemex has consumer and commercial construction, improvements and specialty products. Cemex utilizes local sales teams that are very familiar with their local (national market).

Cemex has a sustainable development as a focal point. Cemex sustainable development is based on three themes: Enhancing their Value Creation, Managing their Footprint and Engaging their Stakeholders. Enhancing their Value Creation is accomplished by operational efficiency in meeting their customer's needs. Managing their Footprint is accomplished by reducing their carbon footprint and assisting in reducing climate change. Engaging their Stakeholders is accomplished by establishing long-term relationships with key stakeholders.

Cemex wants to be an innovator. Cemex wants to be at the forefront of the industry. For example, Cemex has a state of the art research laboratory that has a variety of tools and company created test methods. The company decided to have all of their innovation come from one facility.

Cemex wants to provide the best value to their customers by providing a high level of operational efficiency. Once they have developed and perfected a business practice, Cemex will have their global network adhere to this best practice. Also, Cemex has a Shared Service Center that handles their high volume transactions, which allows Cemex to implement global initiatives very fast.

[Information on Unilever was found at www.unilever.com.]

Unilever is a global company. Unilever's core businesses are in the food and drink, homecare and personal care categories. Unilever's overarching strategy is always working with integrity. Also, Unilever wants to deliver growth in the form of new sustainable and equitable growth.
Unilever wants to win through people. Unilever believes that it will win through its fast changing environment with the world's best talent and leaders. Unilever created a leadership development facility in Singapore. Also, Unilever is focused ...

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