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Emailing an Angry Customer

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Assignment Procedure: As the BraskaShop store manager, you must respond to this message by email. Treating your instructor as the customer, write and send an email response.

1. Examine routine letters, Review the you-attitude, Review tone, Examine language choices
2. Carefully write an email message that has an appropriate subject line, adequate paragraph structure, a greeting, and a closing.
3. Proofread your message to be as error-free as possible.

Scenario: Below is an actual complaint message recently received online by a store in Nebraska.
I went into your BraskaShop store today and had a very unsatisfactory experience. Things started out great; I went to the pharmacy and got excellent friendly service as I always do, heck, they even called me by name as I walked up. I purchased my prescription and then continued on my way to finish my shopping. I purchased Coca-Cola with the coupon available in the flier, chocolate bars, crackers, potatoes, several box potatoes, donuts, potato chips and some Mt. Dew that was supposed to be a Facebook special. When I got to the register they would not give me the special price on the Mt. Dew because I had not printed out the Facebook coupon. The supervisor to now be known as Jimmy the jerk rather curtly explained that the Facebook special for the day was candy and that the special I wanted needed a printed out coupon. I asked him where I was supposed to get this coupon and he told me it was on Facebook! If I have this straight, I am supposed to drive across town to my home, waste my ink, waste a full piece of paper and print out a coupon to save money at your store. Here, jump through all these hoops, spend $5 to save $1 on pop. Some friend you've turned out to be. I live 5 blocks from your competition, yet I choose to do business with you, BraskaShop. It would be nice if you would choose to honor the specials you tell me I can have. P.S. On the environmental front, why would my prescription that is already in a bottle, wrapped in paper, stapled inside a sack need to be bagged in its own plastic bag to be placed into another plastic bag that is filled with boxes of crackers and freeze dried potatoes? Between printing unnecessary coupons and wasting plastic bags you guys are batting 1000!

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Subject line: BraskaShop Values Your Business

Dear Mr. xxxx,

Thank you for taking the time to write. How frustrating your experience sounds. We value your business, and appreciate the ...

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This solution is based upon a scenario of an angry customer in a BraskaShop. THis assignment is to write an email to handle an angry customer. The solution includes a sample email, with appropriate subject line, adequate paragraph structure, and closing.