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Management Information Systems - Real World Case

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Please help answer the following questions related to this case study about security and ethics. See attached file for the case study.

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This solution helps with a case study regarding management information systems, security and ethics.

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In an organization the vast majority of employees are simply trying to get their work done or accomplish other innocent tasks such as shopping, emailing or IMing with acquaintances and other activities. Most don't realize that a security breach could lead to a loss of customer privacy or even a loss of competitive information by their employer. The result of any of these catastrophes, could be a loss of customer faith, embarrassment and even legal repercussions, all of which could severely restrict a company's ability to stay in business and maintain its employees. For example, in July of this year, an employee of Lincoln National Life Insurance company accidentally attached a file containing customer privileged information to an email which was sent to a 3rd party ...

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