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    Establishing processes that support real-time information

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    Describe an organization that you have dealt with as a customer/client seems best at followign principle number 12 - cutting flow time and travel distance for you or for your order? How is this done?

    Principle #12:
    cut setup, change over, get ready & start up times. This principle deals with preparation to serve delays of all kinds.

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    Establishing processes that support real-time information is a top business priority for many IT organizations in 2005.

    United Parcel Service Inc. has invested about $600 million in establishing and using real-time data and processes, says Jack Levis, portfolio manager of UPS's industrial engineering group. UPS ships more than 13 million packages each day throughout the world via a fleet of about 88,000 motor vehicles and more than 575 jets, and up-to-the-minute data is critical for managing such an expansive operation. In 2005, UPS will expand its real-time package-flow technologies; the improvements will cut the distance UPS delivery vehicles travel by more than 100 million miles each year and are expected to save the company 14 million gallons of fuel annually, Levis ...

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