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    Demand Management - Managed Care

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    Discuss the notion of "demand management". are you familiar with this? if so, What kind of demand management services are you experienced with? Discuss the pros and cons of at least two.

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    Demand management is a method designed to lower health plan members' needs by offering tools to help members gain access to health care, before an issue becomes serious. The purpose is to reduce the overall demand and use of healthcare services by implementing preventive and wellness care. Examples of demand management services include nurse advice lines, self-help information, and preventive care, health risk appraisals, allowing the member to help evaluate care procedures, and involving member in health care management. Demand management was developed in an attempt to control the moral hazard involved of patients who do not fully face the cost of medical care and demand treatment inefficiently (thus the cost of the treatment exceeds the benefit).

    A nurse advice line is a common strategy for demand management. It allows the member to discuss concerns and symptoms with an educated professional and gain direction on correct action. My son is away at college and woke with horrible diarrhoea, chills, and ...

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    This solution discusses "demand management" and explains the kind of services that the author has had experience with. It discusses the pros and cons of two types of demand care options. APA formatted references are included.