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    Barriers in managed care

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    Discuss the barriers that the risk manager faces in the establishment of managed care. What is the manager's duty regarding these barriers?

    What are managed care organizations and why are they necessary?

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    Managed care organizations are systems which include health care providers within a region or local area, that provide health care services for members. Such organizations may include hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other facilities where members receive care or treatment (Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing, nd). One example of a managed care organization is Kaiser Permanente. This organization uses its own facilities and physicians for many of the routine diagnostic and health care services it provides. Laboratories, x-ray facilities and physical therapy facilities are often provided within the clinics. Many physicians and health care providers are employees of the organization. Others are part of the network, but work in their own locations ...

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    Barriers in managed care are clearly evaluated in this case. References are also infused to validate the findings.