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Management Information Systems

IT Governance Archetypes and Cloud Computing

Why can an IT governance archetype be good for one type of IS decision but not for another? When does cloud computing make sense for a large corporation that already has an IS organization?

Technology and possibilities

Among the different and important sources of new ideas is technology. Technology creates new possibilities. Technology provides the raw material that firms use to make innovative products and services. True or False

HRIS Software Program

In an essay style answer can you please tell me : You have just been asked by your supervisor to prepare a recommendation on a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software program, such as People Soft that your department should implement in the next fiscal year. (However, there are several other excellent programs tha

Artificial intelligence over the past decade

1) What technological advancements have contributed to the progression of Artificial Intelligence over the past 10 years? 2) Predict what the future may hold if Ray Kruzweil's theory on Singularity becomes a reality.

Preventing Computer Hacking

Hacking is breaking into computer systems. When people hack into a system, they often go after information in databases. There, they can find credit card information and other private and sensitive information. Sometimes, they can even find designs of yet-to-be-released products and other strategic information about a company. S

KM Systems

Please assist in explaining a successful knowledge management system. Please include the following: a. Specification of the elements necessary for any knowledge management system using two different commercial systems and not proprietary systems; b. Compare the architectural details of the 2 KM systems such as data repos

Information Systems: Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0? How do organizations use Web 2.0? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based hosting and in-house hosting. Explain the three factors that have made cloud computing possible today.

Building a Simple Expert System for Retirement Planning

When employees at a company retire, they are given cash bonuses. These cash bonuses are based on the length of employment and the retiree's age. To receive a bonus, an employee must be at least 50 years of age and have worked for the company for 5 years. The following table summarizes criteria for determining bonuses: Length

Major trends in software

1 Are networks of PCs and servers making mainframe computers obsolete? Explain. 2. What major trends are occurring in software? What capabilities do you expect to see in future software packages? 3. Why is an operating system necessary? That is, why can't an end user just load an application program in a computer and start com

Effects of the Internet

Choose a topic from one of the areas (1-5) indicated below and write an essay. 1. The Internet 2. The future of Electronic Mail (email) technology and use 3. Networking with Windows 4. Basic Networking Hardware 5. Internet Security Organize your essay under the following headings: I. Introduction. The Introduction, shou

Cost Benefits Analysis for New Systems

Assume that the benefits of a new system were to decrease the average amount of time a customer had to wait when they called customer service by 15 seconds. Can this be quantified and used in a cost benefit analysis? If so how? If not why not? One of the benefits made in some government IT projects is that the new system will

Business Processes and Information Systems

Define a business process and give an example. Include a sentence or two on what you think about these methodologies. Be sure to reference the researched methodology. Provide a brief explanation of the relationship between business processes and information systems.

Implications of Green Computing

Describe how organizations are addressing green computing. What are the short-term and long-term implications from a global perspective?

Email Volume Discussion

The network as "somewhere else": everything as a service and the idea of "the cloud" Email Volume (1) I suspect that you all receive a lot of email. So do I. Let me give you an idea. In my Gmail account (the one I use for most personal and private business correspondence) there are currently 7,817 messages; this represent

Jake's Computer Repair Service Exercise

Introduction Jake's Computer Repair Service earned a small profit for the month of January 20x1. Jones expects the business to continue operating into the foreseeable future. In fact, he expects the business to grow so long as it continues to provide customers with excellent service. The following t

Nana-Technology - Senior Market

Forget nanotechnology, it's Nana-technology (that is, grandmother-technology) that will make a big impression on this market. Marketers are beginning to recognize the need to redo product lines to accommodate the massive number of seniors who are about to cross the retirement threshold. Consumers are already beginning to see pho

Information Systems: R&D for Syngenta

Please read the attached PDF and answer this question. 1. Provide two examples of business known to you in the primary sector. 2. Explain what is meant by a 'virtuous circle'. 3.Explain what is meant by R&D. What are the outcomes arising from effective R&D? 4. Describe and then evaluate the advantages provided by R&D for S

Disruptive Technology Innovations

When a new disruptive technology bursts onto the marketplace, it causes shockwaves throughout the business world. Companies have to decide whether to jump on the bandwagon with their own version of the technology, improve their current products, or hope that the phenomenon is short-lived. Give an example of a company or an

Efficiency and Effectives of Expenditure Cycle Processes

Please help answer the following questions about management information systems. Management must be able to monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of expenditure cycle processes. To be useful for decision making, the data must be accurate, reliable, and timely. Why are all the three qualities of data required?

The Expenditure and Production Cycles and Financial Reporting

Research the fundamental processes that occur within the expenditure and production cycles and financial reporting. These processes include the following: - Software or services for inventory or asset tracking - Supply chain management - Investment and cash management - Cost or job accounting - Production management - Vend

Pivot table and "IF" function

Please see attachment for data. I am attempting to write the "IF" function (step 7) and the pivot table and cluster column pivot chart (step 6) but I am having issues, please advise. Excel Exercises Spring 2013 1) Open the Rock Island workbook located in Blackboard under Assignment folder. 2) Enter your name and dat

Information Systems: Networks

1. How have networks contributed to the digital divide? 2. If you had your own retail business selling t-shirts: -How would RFID help you? -Why would network convergence be important to you? -Would you have an intranet or extranet? Why?

Multidimensional Analysis for Data vs. Information

1. How can you use a relational database to store data, be specific. 2. Do you think an organization such as work or school is data rich, but information poor? Why or why not? 3. Do you think that someone personally need to use multidimensional analysis?

Successfully Implementing New System in Your Business

You are in the middle of implementing a new system at your business. Your project team is failing for the following reasons: (1) The project is using the traditional waterfall methodology (2) the SDLC was not followed and the developers decided to skip the testing phase (3) a project plan was developed during the analysis

Pros and Cons of Using Employees to Build a Custom System

What are the pros and cons of using employees to build a custom system? How about the pros and cons of purchasing an off-the-shelf time, attendance applications, and outsourcing custom development? What about the older employees in a business? How do you think they will feel about adopting a new system and how do you ensure a

Reinventing a Businss using Supply Chain Technologies

Netflix reinvented the video rental business using supply chain technology. It is the largest online DVD rental service, offering flat-rate rentals to customers by mail and over-the-internet. Define a way to revamp or reinvent a business using supply chain technologies.