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    Management Information Systems

    Selecting Appropriate Software

    ERP systems are complicated, and the executive wants the warehouse manager, to join the decision-making team for selecting the appropriate software. Who else from the company should be on the selection team? .

    Software Development Project

    The content of this project is to create and develop a software which will be called DEDS: The Dog E-Daycare System (DEDS) will accept information from clients and potential clients that supports presenting dog services, scheduling appointments, and collecting relevant dog information. In short, DEDS is a brokering system for

    Cedars-Sinai Doctors Cling to Pen and Paper

    Basis of this task: For the study of the life cycle of the information system, from inception, through systems development and integration, to system operation and maintenance. Emphasis is on the integration of information systems with management systems of an organization. Major phases, procedures, policies, and techniques in t

    Performance-based Work Statement

    Most professionals in the IT acquisition field have experience in preparing the traditional SOW (statement of work) that stresses how the work should be done more so than the desired results. Many are finding it difficult to prepare a PBWS (performance-based work statement), which stresses the results rather than how the work is

    Discussing the Use of Tablets Vs. Desktops

    Tablets are said to be replacing desktop computers. Dell, HP, and others have slumping sales yet apple desktop computers are doing well. Some believe the compatibility of tablets with apple computers are instrumental in overall Apple sales. Justify your thoughts on whether tablets will replace desktop computers and offer an opin

    Sustainable IT Strategies

    Question: Do you believe that strategic advantages obtained by the effective use of IT are sustainable? Why or why not?

    The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Different Software Products

    Hello I need help elaborating on the following problem statement. I need to include the specific problem that Apple is having and include questions in the problem statement. Apple is a well-established brand with distinctive and highly desirable computer products. However, for many users, Apple computers are less desirable, a

    Global Information System Organizations

    Most global information system organizations outsource some portion of their work. Outsourcing and moving operations offshore have become controversial and political. As the leader of your organization, how would you handle the financial and political aspects of a decision to outsource?

    Integrated Global System Model

    The Integrated Global System Model from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is designed for simulating global environmental changes and specifically focuses on modeling climate changes. How could such a model be adapted for a global information system in a business environment?

    Source Selection, Negotiations, and Contract Management

    Buyer organizations seeking IT services usually require an oral presentation, with questions and answers, from the final several potential contractors. How important, in your view, are the interpersonal factors that come into play in this meeting--the chemistry between the presenters and the buyer representatives? Some argue tha

    Overcoming Cultural Differences

    Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Include at least one reference in the solution. How do cultural differences affect projects? What technologies can be used to overcome these differences? Provide specific examples.

    Interactions of Global Organizations

    Please help with the following problem. Global organizations interact with many countries and cultures. How might one effectively lead in this type of environment? Provide specific methods.

    Supply Chains & System Dynamics

    (1) What is your opinion on the questions below? Case 1 focuses on beer as an end item, for the consumer. And you have to become familiar with part of the supply chain with you as a wholesaler. You will also experience the Bull-Whip Effect as you practice in the EBBD simulation. Consider the idea of feedback within a system.

    Commercial Acquisitions

    Commercial Acquisitions: Summarize the major points that the author is attempting to make in article link below. Explain why you agree or disagree and provide any additional points you feel would have added to the article. Article Title: Fast-Tracking the Procurement Process. October 10, 2006 Thomas Net Industrial News Room

    Information Sharing with Global Partners

    Most global organizations are intricately involved with other businesses and government entities. What procedures would you put in place to allow information sharing between your global partners without compromising your information's security?

    Global Data Security

    Safeguarding organizational data is always a high priority. What security systems would you recommend be implemented to secure company information and data at the global level?

    Application service providers

    There are numerous application service providers that enable organizations to access and use Web-based application software. We identified Salesforce.com as one such ASP. Search the Web and find at least five other organizations that are ASPs. What are the names of the companies? What application software do they provide over

    Making Choices and Exercising Judgment

    RKH Company is a small consulting service based just outside Los Angeles. It has two partners, Sebastian and Viola, and average monthly sales revenue of $25,000. At any one time, Sebastian and Viola have up to three consulting engagements running simultaneously. Monthly expenses include office rent, supplies, utilities, profes

    Globally Expanded Company

    Need help finding a company that is not globally expanded and would like to have list of few companies to choose from. I would like to make sure that we have enough info about the company and can access their info.

    Capacity Planning and Performance Modeling (Module 3 Case)

    As we have noted on a variety of occasions, it usually takes technology to manage technology. This is particularly true in the area of evaluating the capacity of information technologies to meet the demands placed upon them. The case for this module looks at some aspects of this problem. First, read this background on capacit

    Capacity Planning and Performance Modeling

    As we have noted on a variety of occasions, it usually takes technology to manage technology. This is particularly true in the area of evaluating the capacity of information technologies to meet the demands placed upon them. The case for this module looks at some aspects of this problem. First, read this background on capacit

    Article on Health Information Security

    HIPAA concerns will be growing over the next years as more physician practices in the United States adopt electronic health records (to take advantage of a federal government incentive plan under the HITECH Act). Find a recent article that discusses concerns about the security of health information of patients.

    Computer Crime & Punishment Example

    Use the Internet to identify a recent report of a computer crime, and summarize what it involved and what the punishment (if any) was. Provide your URL for others to read.

    Using information and communications technology

    Use information and communications technology Guidelines To perform effectively you need to: - select the appropriate software for the task, according to the needs and resources of your organisation - access files on your computer or your organisation's network - create, edit and formar files • use formulae, functions

    Deciding to Expand an Organization

    When making a decision to expand an organization, what are the first criteria you would use to determine whether to expand? Justify your approach.

    Decision making and Big Data

    (1) The essential phenomenon of business is decision making. The act of making a decision consists of selecting one course of action or strategy among the set of admissible strategies. Decision making feeds on information and the fundamental of information is data. The availability of the network of networks (the web or internet