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Cedars-Sinai Doctors Cling to Pen and Paper

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Basis of this task: For the study of the life cycle of the information system, from inception, through systems development and integration, to system operation and maintenance. Emphasis is on the integration of information systems with management systems of an organization. Major phases, procedures, policies, and techniques in the information system life cycle are discussed in detail.

Analyzing the following article:
Is Development saved from failing. Found: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A52384-2005Mar20.html

For the article, an analysis needs to be prepared of the article's issues, what you think should have been done differently, and why.

I need a critical analysis, logical argument, and detailed insight into the causes and repair of the issues presented in each article. Using critical thinking skills and an ability to be creative and persuasive using outside literature to substantiate any of the findings, analysis and conclusion.

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Cedars-Sinai Doctors cling to pen and paper are examined.

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The implementation of an automated information system can benefit an organization, in
terms of improved efficiency and service quality. However, it must be utilized in a way that
achieves a substantial benefit and does not create a situation where efficiency and services are
affected negatively (Lemmens, et al., 2011). In the case of Cedars Sinai Medical Center, the
implementation of an automated system for patient care took place all at once. The development
of the system involved too few stakeholders. In addition, the system was not developed with
potential future applications in mind. Though the system may have worked perfectly, it did not
give the organization the expected results.

Health management and medical practice is a complicated process with many variables.
Therefore, any automated system designed to help deliver care should consider all the variables.
Systems should be chosen for their ability to meet the organization's requirements. The system
developed at Cedar-Sinai did not involve input from users at different levels, in many different
departments. Though safeguards in the medication prescribing process were put in place to
prevent errors, they restricted prescribing abilities when physicians wanted to order dosages that
were different from the norm. If input from other users had been considered, such as considering
variations of use by different departments (Ovretveit, 2007), physicians would have had ...

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