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SQL Example Database Design

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3. An indexed file for the inventory data on disk and its index table are as follows:

Disk file
Disk Address Record Key Item Name Quantity Price
43 130 Pen 300 $4
20 12 Paper 200 $5
05 23 Disk 250 $6
10 43 Watch 100 $7

Index Table
Record Key Disk Address
20 14
130 43
43 10
14 29

In the ABOVE indexed file, how can the computer read all of the records from the disk logically sequentially based on the values of the record key in the ascending order?

In the ABOVE indexed file, if one wants to randomly read individual records based on the price of the item, how would you design the index table?

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Disk file
Disk_Address Record_Key Item_Name Quantity Price
43 ...

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