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    Benefit Options for ABC Health, Inc.

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    Scenario: You have been hired as a consultant to help ABC Health, Inc. design appropriate benefits packages for three different groups of its employees. Your job is to advise the company on which benefits to offer to the three groups of employees in order to optimize motivation and productivity.

    The groups are:

    1. Health care professionals.
    2. Contingent or temporary workers.
    3. Night-time custodial staff.

    What research strategies will you use to gather information from members of these groups about what would motivate them and what problems must you overcome in gathering data from each of the groups?

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    Hello! I would actually use different data collection techniques for the groups. I am a market researcher by profession so I have a lot of experience in the domain.

    Health care professionals tend to be highly educated people with advanced degrees. Most likely, they also use excellent computer skills. What I would do for this groups is a two step methodology:

    1) Step 1: I would send out a questionnaire by email about their motivations. The instructions of the questionnaire will state that the results of the questionnaire will be confidential, and they should only indicate if they are willing to answer further questions. The questionnaire will be brief, since this group of people are very busy individuals, and will be bare-bone and simplistic. You will ask questions regarding what exactly they are looking for in a health-care plan.

    2) Step 2: Since step one was ...

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    The solution discusses the research strategies that you need to apply for gathering data on ABC Health's benefit options.