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Source Selection, Negotiations, and Contract Management

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Buyer organizations seeking IT services usually require an oral presentation, with questions and answers, from the final several potential contractors. How important, in your view, are the interpersonal factors that come into play in this meeting--the chemistry between the presenters and the buyer representatives? Some argue that the interpersonal factors contribute to selecting the best contractor and others argue that these factors bias the organization to select the contractor with the most likeable presenters rather than the contractor who will be the best performer. Briefly state your views on this issue and defend your position.

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Both sides are arguable. Many companies do opt for the presenter that is the most personable, because the presenter is a reflection of his or her company. It gives the bidding company an opportunity to assess how it may be, working with that company. For example, if Joe A is the first presenter, and he is very organized, punctual, and also very cold to his audience, not addressing questions promptly or is very short in his ...

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This solution discusses interpersonal factors that come into play in a meeting between management and IT service providers. The elements of the meeting, ways to select the best contractor, and issues regarding bias are also discussed.

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