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    Management Information Systems

    Prototyping Methodology

    Briefly describe the steps of a pure prototyping methodology as an alternative to an SDLC approach. Which disadvantages of an SDLC methodology are addressed by a prototyping approach? (250 words)

    Expert Systems Question

    Please provide a detailed definition of expert systems and emphasize what they are used for. Describe some examples in which expert systems are being used to assist decision makers.

    Information Technology - Modem, DSL, Cable, and Satellite

    Compare and contrast several different ways to access the Internet, i.e. using a modem, DSL, a cable modem, and satellite. Identify which of these access mechanisms is the most popular today, and identify which will be most widely used five to ten years from now, explaining why you hypothesize this outcome.

    Standard Protocols and Reference Models

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using standard protocols and reference models such as the Open Systems Interconnection? Identify at least three of each.

    Case Study: Keeping the Cloud Computing Mastermind Happy

    Guidelines for Action and Skill Development Chapter 5: Contingency and Situational Leadership "Keeping the Cloud Computing Mastermind Happy" Page 163 Imagine that you are on the Google board of directors. Evaluate the above case study and report back to your fellow board members. Activities: 1. Read the Chapter 5 Lead

    The Five Components of an Information System

    Please help me with 250 words describing the component parts of an information system. Define each component and define how you can use the five component model to guide learning and thinking about information systems. Citations in APA style.

    Utilizing Technology as a Sales Manager

    As a sales manager, the best tools you can offer a sales professional is something that will help them be more productive. Working smarter, not harder is critical for a sales professional to be more effective and efficient and to increase overall success. With that in mind, any tools you can provide them to aid in their daily ac

    Bouncing Checks

    Watson buys a computer from a computer store, paying by check. The check then bounces. In the meantime, Watson has transferred the computer to Wilson. Under what conditions will Wilson prevail against the store if the store tries to recover the computer from him?

    Functional Systems: Examining the Lynx Company

    The Lynx Company uses a functional system as their sales system. It takes the orders from their salesmen in the field, processes those orders in the office, sends the information to accounting, and distributes the orders to the warehouse for picking and delivery. The system has been a great success for The Lynx Company. Writ

    Cross-Functional System

    The Clambake Case: The Clambake Company has been providing seafood to the northeast region of the United States for over 30 years. They started as a small family business and have grown to more than 30 employees. They first installed a small accounting system to take care of their finances, payroll, and tax reporting. About s

    Defining Data Relationships

    Defining data relationships is an important process during the database design. Discuss the following: - Why do you think relationships are important in database design? - Provide an example of defining relationships between two tables. - Support your thoughts with examples.

    Web Site Evaluation Criteria

    Please see the attached file and provide the responses back in a Word doc ONLY. Web Site Evaluation Criteria 1. Research the web/literature for a set of criteria for evaluating Web sites. Based on your research, prepare a list of criteria that you will use to evaluate web sites. 2. Identify two web sites - one that you t

    Cloud Computing System

    Please provide a one paragraph response for each question along with references if applicable. Please provide the responses back in a Word doc ONLY. 1. How does Salesforce.com use cloud computing? Define the Cloud Computing delivery models and services provided by Salesforce.com. 2. What kinds of business could bene

    From Desktop to Laptop

    Your organization has recently become wireless and is considering a proposal to replace all desktop computers with laptops so that employees could take their laptops to meetings, conferences, home (at night or during weekends), and when they are traveling. Furthermore, the organization is considering installing an RFID tag on al

    Technology Implementation Problem

    I need assistance in preparing a 1,050 word response detailing how a new technology system (specific, not a general overview: i.e.: rolling out of Window 7, implementing everyone using a Blackberry, changing to MAC OS) should be implemented or introduced to a company. Include your recommendations as if you were the manager in ch

    Creating Queries from Woodcraft Database

    For purposes of this discussion, assume that Woodcraft is an online store that sells wooden craft kits to churches, scouting organizations, and other groups that need crafts for children. Save Woodcraft's database to your computer or space in our iLab environment. a. What kinds of queries would be useful to Woodcraft, assum

    SQL Management Studio Database

    Use SQL Management Studio to create a database called ITCO630_P1.MDF. Be sure to store the database in a location that you will remember. Add the tables and data shown in the attachment to the database. Use the appropriate field types and lengths for the tables. Create the following queries and save them all in a file called

    Information Systems- SQL Servers

    Using the Online Library, the Internet, and all course materials, locate information about the differences between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. Try to complete the following: *What are some of the improvements made between these two versions? *Why are these changes important?

    SDLC Waterfall Approach

    Why is an accurate and complete requirements definition especially critical when using the SDLC "waterfall" approach? (Answer provided in approximately 100 words.)

    Database Management Software

    It has been said that you do not need database management software to create a database environment. Support your opinion about this with resources that you find on the Internet.

    Data Warehousing vs. Data Mining

    Explain both data warehousing and data mining. How are they related? List at least two techniques (decision technologies) that are used in data mining.

    Discussing Current and Emerging Technology

    Develop and submit an Organizational Technology Plan paper. Provide a summary statement of key topics of the paper. Provide a summary of key points and examples, including the following: - Business description, objectives, and technological environment - Personal and organizational responsibilities for moral and ethical use