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Management Information Systems


Discuss how a software framework facilitates reuse and explain the benefits and drawbacks of frameworks compared to component-based reuse.

IS Operational Plans

Why might companies today develop IS operational plans that cover only one year?

Mobile Computing and Social Networks

There are thousands of iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, and Android Apps that have been developed to perform a myriad of tasks and processes. Initially, most of these applications were games intended to be played on mobile devices. The popularity of these applications led businesses to ponder whether some of their business process applic

IT Competitive Difference

How companies (i.e. CISCO or CVS) justified the technology investment to the shareholders and board before the project? Give examples of what you think they should have used.

SDLC Approach

Briefly describe the steps of a pure prototyping methodology as an alternative to an SDLC approach. Which disadvantages of an SDLC methodology are addressed by a prototyping approach? Minimum 150 words. Please list all sources used.

What is an RFP?

What is an RFP, and what critical tasks does it facilitate in the purchasing process? Minimum 150 words. Please list all sources used.

Data Relationships

Defining data relationships is an important process during the database design. Please discuss the following: - Why do you think relationships are important in database design? - Provide an example of defining relationships between two tables - Support your thoughts with examples

Cloud Computing

I need help with the following assignment: Cloud computing is defined by Cearly and Phifer in their case study titled "Case Studies in Cloud Computing" as "a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-related capabilities are provided "as a service" to customers using "Internet technologies". Cloud computing services


Define the term system. Give an example of a business system, and create a context diagram to show its boundary, environment, inputs, and outputs. 200 words minimum. Please list all sources used.

Context Diagram vs. Case Diagram

Compare and contrast a context diagram (using data flow diagram (DFD) modeling) and a use case diagram (using unified modeling language (UML))?

Categories of Middleware

What are the three major categories of middleware? Explain the role of each category and how they interact.

Open Systems Interconnection

In 125 words or more, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using standard protocols and reference models such as the Open Systems Interconnection? Identify at least three of each.

Designing an Information Network

Think about a time where you had to design a network. If you have not had this in your own work experience, create a fictional scenario. In 3-4 paragraphs, complete the following: - Describe your network design in detail and any issues you encountered. - Before designing a network, why is it important to gather information a

Network Design and Latency

Mr. Smith is the Director of IT at a law firm located in downtown Chicago. He needs to plan for a network upgrade. He has decided that he would like to have a network analysis done before the upgrade so that he can find out which systems would require upgrades and to create a strategy to present to the senior partners that will

Comment on open source software

How is Microsoft and other software manufacturers combating the threat of open source software and other free tools that compete with its commercial products? Do you think that this is the best way to handle the situation in the future?

Brief Comment on the Mobile Wireless Industry

What factors shape the profitability of the mobile wireless provider industry? How do these economics compare with the cable and wire line industry? Who are the major players and which would you invest in? Why?

Facebook vs. Netflix

Please comment on the following question. Provide at least 200 words and include references as part of the solution. How big is Facebook compared to Netflix? Do you think that Facebook presents a credible threat to Netflix? Why or why not?

Information Systems for Pharmacies

Please help with some more ideas of how pharmacies today differ from 20 years ago and compare and contrast the differences of information systems then and now. Please include any reference you use for information obtained.

Information Systems-Insurance

Insurance Insurance, a multi million-dollar life insurance firm, has asked you to help troubleshoot the network at its corporate headquarters. The network manager admits that he has not kept very close tabs on the network's growth over the last year, and he thinks this omission has something to do with the congestion problems.

Predictive Policing

I need help with the following assignment, any suggestions as to what will have the most imapact will be greatly appreciated: The following resources may be helpful in completing this assignment: Goode, E. (2011, August 15). Sending the police before there's a crime. Retrievable here.

Role of the MIS Department

Task: Research 3 well-known companies. Use your own words to describe what at least 3 different types of employees do in each business. Also discuss what information each of the employees you listed need in his or her job? Could the employee's job be replaced by an information system?