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Management Information Systems

IT Contract Negotiation

Negotiation of an IT Contract What are the 5 components that need to be in an IT contract? What are 5 most important components in a software licensing agreement? What are the 5 components to a contract? How do you handle conflict?

Predicting Kilowatt Usage/Use a different growth rate

The company has determined kilowatt-hours used for last year and now wants to predict how usage can be controlled over the next year. It has identified a general growth percentage of 1.5%. This means its usage is expected to increase by at least that percentage. To balance that, each office applies a savings factor that reduces

Nested IF function in Excel

Can you please help with this spreadsheet? If you could show me how to do it and what the end product looks like, that would be great. Thank you.

LAN Protocols and Web 2.0

I need help in answering questions on LAN and Web.20: 1. Describe the purpose of each component of a wired LAN. Describe the major LAN protocols. 2.What is Web 2.0? How do organizations use Web 2.0?

Hyper-social Organization and ERP Systems

I need help in answering these questions about Hyper-social Organization and ERP Systems: 1. Describe the hyper-social organization. Explain the four pillars of a hyper-social organization. 2.Define ERP. What is the primary purpose of an ERP system? Describe the process of an ERP information system.

End User Input In Database Design

1 - To what extent should end users be involved in the design of a database? How have our ideas of agile development environments affected this traditionally non-user input environment? 2 - What types of databases are used by companies like Google in implementing worldwide search engines?

Create a Brochure for a Data Repository

Create a brochure advertising your services as a data repository. Research commercial data repositories. Be sure to understand this business model, including the services, benefits, and marketing of services. Use a publisher program to create a one-page, two-fold brochure. If you are using a word processing program, you may

The Information Systems Department

Write a paragraph in which you identify the roles of information systems with in Accounting and Finance, sales and marketing departments. Format your paragraph consistent with APA guidelines.

Basic Concepts of Simple Systems

Discuss the basic concepts of simple systems. Identify (3) examples of simple systems. Identify (3) examples of simple systems found in a health care organization. Include the input(s) used in the example. What are the output(s) for the example? What is the conversion process for the example?

Cliptomania Web Store's e-business launch

Discuss the strategic issues faced by Cliptomania Web Store in launching and developing their e-business. Provide your recommendations and analysis in a 2 page paper using proper APA formating. Please use APA in text citations and APA style references at the end of the paper.

Kevin Mitnick Case 1999

No specfic word count, however, I prefer at least 150-200 words. Some people think Kevin Mitnick is a hero and others see him as a criminal. After reading his story (see link on the right), what do you think? What is he doing now?

Copyrights and Patents for Computer Programs

1. What is the difference between a copyright and a patent on a computer program? 2. What do we mean by "intellectual property"? What are the differences between intellectual property and real property? Should someone be able to own intellectual property? Why or why not? 3. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA

Lessons Learned from Failure

Lessons can be learned from failures. Provide an example of a decision support system failure, and discuss the lessons that might be learned from that failure. How could you apply the lessons learned from this failure in the future?

Comparing Individual Company Leaders with Global Company Leaders

With respect to global companies, information technology strives to eliminate time, space, and distance barriers. This requires leadership with the vision to lead without these constraints. Compare and contrast individual company leaders with global company leaders. What skills do they have in common and what skills of theirs ar

Intellectual Capital: Undervalued or taken for Granted

Even though almost all organizations today espouse that people are their most important assets, these words do not always translate into actions. Why do you think intellectual capital is so often undervalued or taken for granted? As a general manager, what would you do to increase your organization's intellectual capital? Suppor

SDLC Methodology and Purchasing Life Cycle

1. Describe the role of the vendor for each of the three phases of the purchasing life cycle. 2. Why is an accurate and complete requirements definition especially critical when using the SDLC "waterfall" approach? 3. Briefly describe the elements of a business case for a new information systems project under the SDLC method

Selecting Appropriate Software

ERP systems are complicated, and the executive wants the warehouse manager, to join the decision-making team for selecting the appropriate software. Who else from the company should be on the selection team? .

Software Development Project

The content of this project is to create and develop a software which will be called DEDS: The Dog E-Daycare System (DEDS) will accept information from clients and potential clients that supports presenting dog services, scheduling appointments, and collecting relevant dog information. In short, DEDS is a brokering system for

Cedars-Sinai Doctors Cling to Pen and Paper

Basis of this task: For the study of the life cycle of the information system, from inception, through systems development and integration, to system operation and maintenance. Emphasis is on the integration of information systems with management systems of an organization. Major phases, procedures, policies, and techniques in t

Performance-based Work Statement

Most professionals in the IT acquisition field have experience in preparing the traditional SOW (statement of work) that stresses how the work should be done more so than the desired results. Many are finding it difficult to prepare a PBWS (performance-based work statement), which stresses the results rather than how the work is

Discussing the Use of Tablets Vs. Desktops

Tablets are said to be replacing desktop computers. Dell, HP, and others have slumping sales yet apple desktop computers are doing well. Some believe the compatibility of tablets with apple computers are instrumental in overall Apple sales. Justify your thoughts on whether tablets will replace desktop computers and offer an opin

Sustainable IT Strategies

Question: Do you believe that strategic advantages obtained by the effective use of IT are sustainable? Why or why not?

The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Different Software Products

Hello I need help elaborating on the following problem statement. I need to include the specific problem that Apple is having and include questions in the problem statement. Apple is a well-established brand with distinctive and highly desirable computer products. However, for many users, Apple computers are less desirable, a

Global Information System Organizations

Most global information system organizations outsource some portion of their work. Outsourcing and moving operations offshore have become controversial and political. As the leader of your organization, how would you handle the financial and political aspects of a decision to outsource?

Integrated Global System Model

The Integrated Global System Model from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is designed for simulating global environmental changes and specifically focuses on modeling climate changes. How could such a model be adapted for a global information system in a business environment?

Source Selection, Negotiations, and Contract Management

Buyer organizations seeking IT services usually require an oral presentation, with questions and answers, from the final several potential contractors. How important, in your view, are the interpersonal factors that come into play in this meeting--the chemistry between the presenters and the buyer representatives? Some argue tha

Overcoming Cultural Differences

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Include at least one reference in the solution. How do cultural differences affect projects? What technologies can be used to overcome these differences? Provide specific examples.