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Hyper-social Organization and ERP Systems

I need help in answering these questions about Hyper-social Organization and ERP Systems:
1. Describe the hyper-social organization. Explain the four pillars of a hyper-social organization.

2.Define ERP. What is the primary purpose of an ERP system? Describe the process of an ERP information system.

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1. The Hyper-social organization is that social media and technology enable people to be social. The five pillars of Hyper-Sociality Index are:
• Tribes vs Segments- in a hyper social environment, one must read the tribes whose member influence one another.
• Human-centricity vs Company-centricity- the shift to focus on the human elements of a business which will enhance product development, marketing , sales, talent management, knowledge management, and customer service.
• Networks vs Channels- Data and knowledge flow through channels whereas networks allow knowledge to flow.
• Social Messiness vs Process Hierarchy- Sensing, engaging, activating, measuring, storytelling.
(Jarche, 2003)

The Hyper-Social Organization allows individuals to shift into a new way of thinking by leveraging the new possibilities of using social media in integrations. Furthermore, it involves ...

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Hyper-social organization and ERP systems are given. The primary purpose of an ERP system is discussed.