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    Four Pillars Of A Hyper-Social Organization

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    -Describe the hyper-social organization. Explain the four pillars of a hyper-social organization.
    -Define ERP. What is the primary purpose of an ERP system? Describe the process of an ERP information system.

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    A hyper-social organization is a return to the natural method of interaction. This type of interaction is inevitable. The hyper-social organization is made possible through the use of social media, connectivity, and always-on technology. The first pillar of hyper-social society is the tribe. This is a group that identifies in some way with each other and will influence purchasing patterns. The second pillar is human centricity. This means the hyper-social organization can be more personal at all levels and can directly satisfy the needs of customers. The third pillar is knowledge networks. Sharing of knowledge through networks will help gain trust. The fourth pillar is social messiness. This process ...

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