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    Management Information Systems

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    Management Information Systems and Competitive Edge

    * In your opinion, which of the strategies for gaining competitive advantage is most effective, and why? Which is least effective, and why? * Suppose you are the CEO of a mid-size company. Which information technologies would you be most likely to implement at your company, and why? * What do you see as the most significant

    Capital Budgeting and TVM in IT Management

    Lets say that the IT department of your company has begun to appreciate that its projects do not exist in a business vacuum. That is, your company must also commit resources to operations, shareholder returns, and non-IT projects for short- and long-term durations. It is therefore necessary to assess project risks from a financi

    Building Information Systems

    Just looking for a paragraph or two for each question to get a discussion going: 1) What do you think are the best ways to protect against failure when building systems? 2) Identify some settings in which you think each of the systems development approaches might make sense and explain why these approaches make sense withi

    Mini Research Proposal

    Case Study, Mixed Methods, and Program Evaluation This section discusses two distinct qualitative research methods: Case Study and Mixed Methods, while also addressing the role of qualitative research in the applied field of program evaluation. Create a Proposal Using information from course readings, create a "mini-propo

    Digital Divide case study

    Just looking for one or two paragraphs for each question to get a discussion going: 1) After you read "Wasting Time: The New Digital Divide" (attached), explain the ethical issues involved with the digital divide. 2) Do social networking sites, e.g. MySpace and FaceBook, represent any ethical dilemmas? Why or why not?

    Federal Health Information Systems Initiatives

    I need some help in answering these two questions: 1- Cite two or three examples of other major federal policy initiatives or laws that affect health care information technology and evaluate the impacts of each on quality of care. 2 - What are some of the most significant implications of "pay-for-performance" initiatives in

    Computer Based Training - Part 2

    What the advantages and disadvantages there are over traditional face-to-face (instructor-led) classroom training sessions. Also looking to address questions such as: What is the goal of implementing CBT technology? How can these goals and objectives be accomplished? What are some challenges when implementing this technolo

    Computer Based Training - Part 1

    **Broke up into two listings so I could increase credits** Looking for 7-8 pages on how CBT programs have impacted the training process, what the advantages and disadvantages there are over traditional face-to-face (instructor-led) classroom training sessions. Also looking to address questions such as: What is the goal of i

    Wollmer Fruit Shipping - Heuristic and Linear Programming

    Shipping Fruit. Wollmer Distribution Company collects fruit from several small farms in the region, consolidates its collections, and then ships the fruit to a regional wholesale fruit market by truck. Having made their collections, the company has in stock 57 tons of grapes, 62 tons of peaches, and 81 tons of bananas.

    expanding software globally

    Watch this video featuring Scott Cook on expanding software globally(http://www.inc.com/welcome.html?destination=http://www.inc.com/chris-beier-and-daniel-wolfman/intuit-quicken-scott-cook-global-expansion-failed.html) Why did Intuit fail in initial global expansion efforts? In general, with regard to information systems,

    Workplace surveillance explanation

    Suppose you are asked to prepare a memo on workplace surveillance. Include discussions on legislation, controversies, and future direction. with references

    Credit Reporting Services

    Describe the services provided by a credit reporting service such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. How are these services provided? At least 75-100 words in length

    Security as a Business Issue

    "Security is not simply a technology issue; it is also a business issue." Discuss the implications of this statement. How can security risk affect a company's position and reputation? Use specific examples of how a security breach damaged a company to justify your conclusions.

    Technology Solutions for Dirt Bikes

    Information technology tools can be vital for organizations. In this discussion, you will consider the needs of Dirt Bikes USA (organization and info charts attached) and identify some specific technology for that organization. I need some help in discussing these technologies: •an e-mail communications package (suitable for

    Basic of Data Analytics in Excel

    Assignment #4 -Data Analysis Using Excel Pivot Tables (see attached file for data) Falls Department Stores, with corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon, operates department stores in midsize towns in selected northwestern areas. Although the organization maintains a large computer system for its accounting operations, the

    Evolution of Programming Language

    Read the articles listed under Background Materials; consult the additional materials in the Background Information if you need further explanations. Based on what you read, write a two to three page paper in which you discuss the nature of programming and the nature of programming language design and the relation between the

    Computer Devices

    Discuss the following topics: The basic function of the device and how it fits within the overall computer system The basic physical and mathematical principles that govern how the device operates The major issues involved in interfacing with the rest of the computer system The price and quality range of the devices

    Layout Grid and Design Sketch

    Module 5, you are to continue to work with the tutorial at Webmonkey.com. Please read through Lesson 5 [4], and follow its steps for creating chapter 5 of your design document: Layout Grids Design Sketches and Page Mock-ups This part of the tutorial concludes: "You are almost done. You just need to document the visual

    An ERP Story: Case Study

    Please read the following parts of the case. Bernier, C., Roy, V. and Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Background (A). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):March. Bernier, C., Roy, V. and Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Troubles Ahead (C). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):Mar

    Medium: Delivery system

    Choose one medium (phone, email, social media, cable, live streaming videos). Describe how it is delivered from the owner to end users. Cite your resources as needed.

    Content and Functional Groupings

    Identify Content and Functional Requirements Group and Label Content "Include a summary of the content inventory. Add a section about how the content is grouped and named. Add the list of functional requirements with a summary, if you like. The content inventory should be included as an appendix to the design document."

    The Internet and Business Models

    The internet has significantly changed the way that organizations conduct their business operations in breaking down barriers that previously existed. In what ways do organizations have to change their business models and operations due to the effects of the internet? Use specific examples to justify your conclusions.

    Components of Functional IS

    In this presentation assignment, you will define the components (departments) of an IS functional area. Conduct brief research on the departments within an IS functional area. Your presentation should be between 6 or 7 slides long. Make sure that you properly cite any resources used. Address the following in your presentat

    A Discussion Regarding Website Development

    Task: Create a new chapter in your design document called User Experience. Add the audience definition, and incorporate the scenarios. You could try to integrate the scenarios with the audience definition, but it is probably better to put them in their own section. Next, write up a summary of the competitive analysis and add it

    Prototyping in MIS

    Unit IV Article Review In this article review, you will describe the one thing about prototyping that surprised you the most. Find an article on prototyping and write a response that includes the following: • A description of the article and where it was found • Identification of the one thing about prototyping that su

    IS/IT: Creating a Competitive Advantage

    It is argued that IS/IT cannot create a competitive advantage for an organization. Do you agree or disagree? An organizational IT/IS strategy is too important to be left to the CIO and the IT department. Do you agree or disagree? State your position and support it with internal and external references.

    Planning phase of SDLC

    Choose a phase in the systems development life cycle and describe the tasks that make up the phase. What are some possible issues or concerns that must be addressed during that phase?

    IT infrastructure and Competitive Advantage

    Just looking for about 3 paragraphs to get a discussion rolling: - In what ways is IS/IT just infrastructure and in what ways is it a competitive advantage? - Do you think it matters on how big or small an organization is for it to be a competitive advantage? - What other factors with IS/IT works with or against it being in

    Executive Information System

    What are the distinguishing characteristics of an executive information system (EIS)? Why have these systems become a part of business intelligence in many companies? Answer must be minimum 200 words