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Computer Devices

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Discuss the following topics:

The basic function of the device and how it fits within the overall computer system

The basic physical and mathematical principles that govern how the device operates

The major issues involved in interfacing with the rest of the computer system

The price and quality range of the devices currently being sold

The major issues in maintaining and/or repairing the device

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The document outline different aspects of device management

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Device Management

Device is any equipment that can be attached to a computer, like, mouse, printer, modem card, adapter or any other peripheral equipment. The different types of devices are classified into input devices or output devices. Input devices provide specific instructions to the computer which are then processed. Output devices are important as they enable us to get information from the computer in desired format. To function, a device requires driver which convert general commands into commands that device understands. Hence, devices expand the overall inter-operability of computer system to seek desired outcomes.

A device operates when electrical signals of hardware subsystems and high level programming languages of operating system and application programs interact with each other. Drivers take the data that is there as a file in the operating system and translate them into streams of bits placed in specific locations on ...

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