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Management Information Systems and Competitive Edge

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* In your opinion, which of the strategies for gaining competitive advantage is most effective, and why? Which is least effective, and why?
* Suppose you are the CEO of a mid-size company. Which information technologies would you be most likely to implement at your company, and why?
* What do you see as the most significant pros and cons of using the Five Forces Model to evaluate information technologies?

* In your opinion, what has been the most pivotal occurrence in the history of computer technology?
* Which two computer components are most vital to computing functionality, and why?
* Select one of the three factors that contribute to computing power (speed, accuracy, and storage and retrieval), and explain which you find most essential and why.

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* In your opinion, which of the strategies for gaining competitive advantage is most effective, and why? Which is least effective, and why?

Competitive advantage is why a customer would choose business XYZ over business ABC, or more simply, why a customer would choose Chick-Fil-A over Wendy's? What is it that one company offers that the others do not? Quality of product sometimes outweighs the presentation of it. However, the most important aspect of any business' success involves the key element, people. People make or break a business. A business can have production operating within a slim margin of an equal economic supply and demand, but that does not bode well if one displeased customer leads to two, which leads to four and so on. People, whether customers or staff, are the biggest competitive advantage a company could have. Case in hand, Chick-Fil-A has a customer training program where everyone is to be friendly and do everything possible to ensure a customer is happy. They may not have a 100% success rate, but you will not be served without a smile.
Where people are the biggest competitive advantage, goodwill is the least competitive advantage a business could have. The amount a business gives back to the community does not make it any better of a choice between two companies. If "Company A" gives 10% of its annual profit in ...

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This solution of 886 words defines competitive advantage and describes strategies that are most and least effective for a company. It also explains why the Internet is the most useful information technology to implement at a company and how using the Five Forces model to evaluate the information technologies.

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