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    Information Systems Compared and Contrasted

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    While information systems have one meaning, it can be used in different ways for companies to keep a competitive edge on the marketplace. Compare and Contrast two distinctly different organizations on how they use information systems in their organizations.

    Include in your post the following:
    Research the 4 competitive strategies and briefly describe them.
    From the 4 strategies, pick 2 and provide an example of a company that uses each strategy.
    o How do they implement the strategy?
    o Provide examples of how the companies use the strategy, and do not simply write the description.
    o Appraise the individual and organizational consequences of the use of information technology and recognize potential security breaches and computer crimes.

    Properly reference the companies in your post if required using APA format.

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    Information Systems:

    Information systems are networks in the organization systems that are used to record, store, process and transfer data within the organization systems. This information can be utilized by the members of the organization within the organization i.e. the employees and managers. The information can also be utilized by the members outside the organization like the investors, buyers, competitors, government etc. Through the utilization of the information systems organizations can stipulate different strategies so as to keep a competitive edge on the marketplace (Oz, 2009).

    The Coca Cola Company and the Sony Corporation uses the information systems to advertise their products across the international borders. They also use this information systems so as record, analyze and present their financial position to the stake holders of the organizations. This important for the stakeholders as they are informed of the expected rate of returns of the organization's assets. However, even though there are similar tasks that the information systems can perform for both of the organization there under lays some difference. The Coca cola Company uses the information system to know learn how to improve their beverage products. The Sony Company in contrast uses the information systems to improve their electronic products. Both of this products use different technologies and techniques in its manufacture and distribution.

    The four competitive strategies stipulated by Porter ...

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