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Evolution of Programming Language

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Read the articles listed under Background Materials; consult the additional materials in the Background Information if you need further explanations.

Based on what you read, write a two to three page paper in which you discuss the nature of programming and the nature of programming language design and the relation between the two. Be sure to address the following issues:

How much a good programmer should understand about programming languages and programming language design? Explain your answer and indicate whether or not you agree with the points that Graham makes.

How much a good program language designer should understand about programming? Explain your answer and indicate whether or not you agree with the points that Graham makes.

Elements that Graham thinks will be important in the evolution of computer languages. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?





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Nature of Programming and Nature of Programming Language Design

Programming languages are used by us to interact with computers. The reason why we use high level languages is because humans cannot understand machine languages. Programming languages are designed for programmers so that they can easily understand what they are coding and what would be its result. A good programmer should understand about programming languages, i.e. he or she should be able to understand requirements of users and convert those into computing codes.

One way to design languages is to just write the code irrespective of consideration that a compiler would be able to translate it or hardware would be able to support it. In this case, programmer assumes that unlimited resources are available. Other way to design programming language would be to use length of program as deciding factor for ease of ...

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Evolution of programming language are discussed in the solution.

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