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IT Contract Negotiation

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Negotiation of an IT Contract

What are the 5 components that need to be in an IT contract?
What are 5 most important components in a software licensing agreement?
What are the 5 components to a contract?
How do you handle conflict?

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What are the 5 components that need to be in an IT contract?
Scope of the work
What work needs to be done and how much of it is the responsibility of the parties. This should be well defined within the contract. This is the who, what, how, and who is paying for it, what is needed and where it will come from. Discussion of 'change orders" should be a part of the scope of work as well.
Ownership of Intellectual property rights
Who owns what in and around the software or website. It might also define the rights and ownership in relations to employees of the client and the provider. For example, River Road IT might provide the software, but installation is done by Tom P, a subcontractor. Tom P then claims rights to the information ...

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The solution discusses IT contract negotiation.

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