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    Major Challenges to Systems Development

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    Describe the five major challenges to systems development.

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    Pearson Education (2012) identifies these five major challenges to systems development and specified issues (albeit in question format) that must be confronted:

    1.) The difficulty of determining requirements.
    - What specifically is system to do?
    - How does wedding planner use new system to reserve a room or building?
    - What does data entry screen look like?
    - How does planner add/reduce facilities once wedding scheduled?
    - What should system do when a wedding is cancelled?
    - Facility schedule system interface with accounting systems? How?
    - Does system need to reserve floor or refrigerator space in restaurant kitchen?

    2.) Change in requirements
    - ...

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    Systems development, as a dynamic task, has major challenges and issues. This discussion identifies each one of them.