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ILP Transportation Problem

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The table below indicates required supplies delivered to four destinations.
Port D1 D2 D3 D4
A 70 80 90 56
B 100 75 100 85
C 42 60 89 62
Demand 500 600 450 700

The ports are supplied by one of two stock suppliers. Supplier 1 carries 1200 tonnes of supplies while Supplier 2 carries 1120 tons of supplies. These suppliers can only offer a single port and each port can only accommodate one supplier. Assume the costs for a supplier to supply are not part of the objective function. Formulate the ILP for this problem capturing the supplier choice of port and the transportation from the port to the destinations.

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Please view the attached files (one Word document and one Excel file) as these will help you answer your question. I have attached an Excel file which solves the problem using Excel Solver. Go to Data - > Solver to see the objective function, decision variables and constraints. Optimal solution is available in the file.

Port-Supplier Selection - ILP
Problem definition: A commodity needs to be supplied to four destinations. ...

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