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Linear and integer programming problems

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19. The Avalon Floor Cleaner Company as trying to determine the number of salespeople it should allocate to its three regions-the East, the Midwest, arid the West The company has 100 salespeople that it wants to assign tn the three regions. The annual average unit sales volume achieved by a salesperson in each region is as follows:


Because travel distances, costs of living, and other factors vary among the three regions, the annual cost of having a salesperson is $5,000 in the East, St 1.000 in the Midwest, said $7,000 in the West The company has $700,000 budgeted for expenses. Th ensure nationwide exposure to its product, the company has decided that each region must have at least 10 salespeople. The company wants to know how many salespeople to allocate to each region to maximize total average units sold. Formulate an integer programming model foe this problem and solve it by using the computer.

20. During the war with Iraq in 1991, the Terraco Motor Conipsasy produced a lightweight, all-terrain vehicle code-named "J99 Terra" for the military. The company is now planning to sell the Terra to the public. It has five plants that manufacture the vehide and four regional distribution centers. The company is unsure of public demand for the Terra, so it is considering redudng its fixed operating costs by closing one or more plants, even though it would incur an increase in transportation costs. The relevant costs fur the problem are provided in the following table. The transportation costs are per thousand vehicles shipped: for example, the cost of shipping 1,000 vehicles from plant to warehouse C is $32,000.
Formulate and solve an integer programming model for this problem to assist the company in determining which plants should remain open and which should be closed and the number of velsicies that should be shipped from each plant to each warehouse to minimize total cost.

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