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    Functional Systems: Examining the Lynx Company

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    The Lynx Company uses a functional system as their sales system. It takes the orders from their salesmen in the field, processes those orders in the office, sends the information to accounting, and distributes the orders to the warehouse for picking and delivery. The system has been a great success for The Lynx Company.

    Write a a 250 word paper to include the following:
    1. Identify five reasons why the Lynx Company's functional system has been successful (be sure to expand your
    discussion on each reason).
    2. Identify five disadvantages of functional systems and briefly explain each one.

    Be sure to cite all your sources.

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    One of the reasons that the Lynx Company's functional system has been successful, is due to the fact that taking orders from the salesman in the field helps to reduce sales order error, due to the fact that the orders are reported by the salesman immediately after the sale is made. Another reason that this functional system has been successful, is that processing sales orders in the office eliminates any unnecessary middlemen in the administrative process, which would help to keep this system expeditious and efficient. A third reason that the system is successful, is that each department performs one primary ...