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    Five areas of functional health patterns

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    Discuss how the five areas of focus for the functional health patterns could help improve our understanding of the people we care for.

    References please!

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    Marjory Gordon's functional health patterns assesses patients as a whole by first examining function levels in interrelated areas. This includes, for example, diet, sleep, sexual activity, and stress-coping mechanisms. This allows health professionals to pinpoint what areas of the patient's life is being affected by a particular disease or disability and provide the best care.

    Her five areas of focus within the functional health patterns are: Pattern, Individual-environmental, Age-developmental, Functional, and Cultural.

    The Pattern Focus requires the professional to examine the exact pattern of behaviour within that functional area over time (eg. ...

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    This solution of 392 words discusses the five areas of focus for the functional health patterns of patients, gives a brief description of each focus and how it can improve healthcare service. Three references used are included in the solution.