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    Mainframe UNIX system and utilities like lynx, talk, etc

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    4. I was recently working on our mainframe UNIX system, and suddenly I received a message that the server needed to be rebooted on my screen. I asked around and everyone in my department got the same message. How did our UNIX administrator distribute this message to all of people logged into the system at the time, without using the mail command or another email program?

    5. My roommate and I were working on a big assignment for our programming class. He was in the library, and I was across campus in our room. We're both working off of the campus UNIX server. Is there a UNIX utility we could use, besides email or IRC, to chat back and forth? How does it work?

    6. Use the web browser lynx to access the University of Phoenix homepage (and if it doesn't come up - which won't be unusual from Lynx, any web page of your choice). Describe in a paragraph each 3 major differences you see between the lynx version of the homepage and your regular Internet browser's (Internet Explorer?) view?

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    If a message has to be sent through standard input to all logged-in users "wall" can be used. Its name is an ...

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