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    IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc.

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    What are the pros and cons of the four options presented to the VP and Division Manager in the attached case study?

    Include a recommendation for the one of the four options you feel would be the most appropriate solution.
    If none of the four options is the appropriate solution, recommend a new option. In your response remember to address the following:

    1. How well staff is able to handle the option
    2. Key applications and their ability to work with type of system
    3. Tools available that work with the type of system
    4. Stability of vendor[s]
    5. Cost
    6. Consistency with business group strategies and vision
    7. Budget and capacity planning
    8. Software licensing

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    The case outlines problems faced by June Page, the Vice President and Division Manager of a subsidiary within the International Machine and Tool- USA (IMT-USA) Company. The IMT Custom Machine Company built large custom made machines which were used in the manufacturing of various parts for large items such as automobiles. Page worked at The Fort Wayne plant which was the largest custom machine factory in North America. The work environment at Wayne plant transformed from being busy single product factory to being stagnant due to lack of orders and finally to a large facility that supported three technically different products (large horizontal, large vertical and medium horizontal custom machines). However with the multiple product lines came many informal procedures which were used to handle day-to-day situations. These undocumented processes worked despite the incompatibilities among the three different technologies. Very little capital had been invested to upgrade the operations during the last several years of WILMEC's ownership. Not until IMT had completed the purchase of the technology and the factories in 1995 had a major capital upgrade program even been considered. Low margin and capital budget limits had prevented significant upgrades.

    In the early 1996, the plant was reorganized with each of the three machines being considered a separate product line and profit center.

    The requirement of information systems was from two groups of end users:
    - The Engineering Group or ES
    - The Management ...

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    This is a study of the existing situation at IMT and evaluation of appropriate solution for IS transformation.