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    Custom Fabricators Inc. Case Study

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    Based on the attched case study of the Custom Fabricators Inc. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis in which you:
    a. Answer the Discussion Questions located at the end of the case.
    b. Summarize the case.
    c. Explain the role of operations management at Custom Fabricators Inc

    I would like to have your help in order to write my own paper.

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    // Before discussing the other requirements of the paper, this is a short description of what will be discussed in the paper. It will be helpful in understanding that what things have been explained in the paper. //


    The paper will discuss out the important facts related to the case study of Custom Fabricators, Inc. It will present a summary of the case study, as well as, will depict the role of operations management in the organization. It will also elucidate about the role that Custom Fabricators play for Orleans and how the changes have taken place with Orleans. It will also present a detailed analysis of the case study on Custom Fabricators, Inc.

    // Above we have discussed about the introductory part of the paper. This section will give the answers to the discussion questions asked at the end of the paper. They will help in analyzing the case and in giving you a detailed knowledge about the case study. //

    Answers to the Discussion Questions of the case

    Answer 1: Ben Lawson's Custom Fabricators, Inc., create value for Orleans by manufacturing the orders, as per the demands of Orleans. It manufactures control panels for the elevators and also does beautiful handiwork on the stainless steel plant. It also makes special brackets and panels for the plants. It adds great value to Orleans by reducing the lead time and producing exactly what the plant requires. But from sometime, the company has started manufacturing complete control panels with buttons and wiring. In this way, the firm has become beneficial for Orleans and adds value to its business (Custom Fabricators Inc., 2009).

    Answer 2: The most important competitive advantage of Ben Lawson's company in keeping the Orleans business is that the lead time (time between the initiation and completion of the production process) taken by the company is very less. This helps in providing timely manufactured goods to Orleans and there are no delays in its business processes. Moreover, the company developed a whole system for Orleans from control panels to wiring of the elevators. The corporation has also developed the system, as per the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1410 words with references.