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    Information Technology - Modem, DSL, Cable, and Satellite

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    Compare and contrast several different ways to access the Internet, i.e. using a modem, DSL, a cable modem, and satellite. Identify which of these access mechanisms is the most popular today, and identify which will be most widely used five to ten years from now, explaining why you hypothesize this outcome.

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    For most homes, cable modems (requiring cable service) are taking a lead on providing Internet services, with about 28 million homes in the United States using them to access the Internet (Bertolucci, 2006). The top cable companies supply speeds of 15 to 30 mbps. The negative side is that it can be a little expensive. DSL comes second with about 22 million homes using it to access the Internet. DSL is cheaper but ...

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    This solution provides a comparison between different methods of accessing the Internet, i.e. through using cable, modems, DSL, and satellite, stating which access method is most commonly used today and which the Expert hypothesizes will be more popular in five to ten years.