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    A discussion on modems

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    Response should be at lest 75 words in length for each question.

    Book: Managing Information Technology, 7th Ed

    1. What is a modem? When and why are modems necessary? What is a cable modem, and how does it differ from a traditional modem?

    2. What are the basic functions of managing the data resource? How are these functions different in a global company opposed to an exclusively local company?

    3. Identify and describe at least three categories of physical medial in use in telecommunications networks today? which of these media has the highest and which has the least bandwidth?

    4. What are the advantages of using standard protocols and reference models such as the Open Systems Interconnection? Identify at least three of each?

    5. Compare and contrast accessing the internet via a modem, DSL, a cable modem, and satellite. Identify which of these access mechanisms is the most popular today and identif which will be most widely used five to ten years from now.

    Analyze Case Study I-4 Supporting Mobile Heal Clinics: The Children's Health Fund of New York City" pg 157-165
    a. develop the conclusions, recommendations and implications
    b. consider the implementation challenges and technologies used to meet them, along with the final questions posed at the end of the case (pg 165)
    c. summarize findings in a two page paper using proper APA formatting

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