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Commercial Acquisitions

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Commercial Acquisitions:
Summarize the major points that the author is attempting to make in article link below. Explain why you agree or disagree and provide any additional points you feel would have added to the article.

Article Title: Fast-Tracking the Procurement Process. October 10, 2006
Thomas Net Industrial News Room article (2006) titled Fast-Tracking the Technology Procurement Process, which deals with different types of private sector requests for IT proposals. ***Response must be 1 full page (350 words approx)***

Article available at: http://news.thomasnet.com/IMT/2006/10/10/fast-tracking_technology_procurement_process_rfps/

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The article on Thomas Net discusses many considerations for speeding up the IT procurement
process and why a faster decision making process in choosing IT applications is necessary. There are
several considerations that go into selecting applications for a business. However, the decision making
process today usually moves at a faster pace, due to expectations of achieving some benefit of adopting
new IT processes in the near future. Gaining a competitive advantage and improving efficiency of the
organization in some way are some of the major benefits of implementing new IT processes (Thomas
Net News, 2006).
Several strategies for making ...

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The expert summarizes the major points that the author is attempting to make in article link below. The different types of private sector request for IT proposals are determined.

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