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    Changes in the Workplace

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    Discuss your experiences with changes taking place in a workplace.

    Did your employer take steps to manage that change?

    Was the change implemented without any major challenges or resistance?

    If everything did not go as well as possible, what should have occurred that didn't?

    Or, what occurred that shouldn't have?

    What metrics measurement tools might be useful in determining the effectiveness of a change management process in an organization?

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    One of the biggest changes someone can experience is a merger.

    Today, most companies call them mergers but many are acquisitions. The difference is a merger sounds as though the two companies will become one without much change - wrong. An acquisition is buying another company and pretty much the buyer will keep the staff it has and the other company's staff will be let go. This is not always true depending upon the other company's staff salary levels. If the buying company thinks they can get the same person for one of the in-house positions for less money - they will do that.

    In one particular circumstance, it was a bank and pretty much banks do not pay high salaries for cashiers. Of course, realistically they are the front-line of the banking world, but banks do not invest much in them. In this one bank, a local bank, they bought another bank which was happening on a regular basis a few years ago. The CEO posted a memo to all employees that he would be taking written questions daily from anyone and weekly would have a conference call with the entire company. Well, the CEO got to pick the questions - only four would be ...

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    Discusses the changes in the workplace - mergers, acquisitions, employees losing their jobs, and the sacrifices they make.
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