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global investment banking process

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I have to write a paper on Apple Inc. Apple has an international presence and my paper needs to be about the following:

1) How the global investment banking process has assisted the organization in how they do business overseas.

Be sure to properly cite your references in your paper.

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How the global investment banking process has assisted the organization in how they do business overseas.

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Global investment banking process assists the international presence and operations of Apple Inc. in numerous ways. First of all, let us start with acquisition. Apple has made quite a few acquisitions in the past, including few international acquisitions. Global investment banking firms helped Apple to identify acquisition targets and complete such acquisitions in the past. Investment bankers play an important role in smooth completion of the transaction.

Further, Global investment bankers also help Apple to obtain funding from offshore sources to support its global operations at cost effective rates. Global investment bankers help in raising debt capital in foreign markets for Apple. Investment bankers step in to assist Apple from time to time in its fund raising requirements by selling its securities such as debt, equity and preferred stock to institutional and ...

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