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    Globally Expanded Company

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    Need help finding a company that is not globally expanded and would like to have list of few companies to choose from. I would like to make sure that we have enough info about the company and can access their info.

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    You could look at a few different markets. One of the biggest companies in the U.S. that has no international subsidiaries would be Sallie Mae. The main advantage to using an organization like this (including ones comparable to Sallie Mae), is that the international market potential is enormous. You would need to double check their financial statements to ensure that they don't have any international subsidiaries. As far as I am aware, they are a 100% domestic company.

    Another area where you could look is towards banking. While also in the ...

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    This solution discusses companies that are not yet global. The ideal company is selected, and the reasons why the company would be an ideal choice for global expansion are thoroughly explained.