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Basic Concepts of Simple Systems

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Discuss the basic concepts of simple systems. Identify (3) examples of simple systems.
Identify (3) examples of simple systems found in a health care organization. Include the input(s) used in the example.
What are the output(s) for the example?
What is the conversion process for the example?

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A simple system is a set of related things that work with each other. It is defined as a set of interacting or independent components forming an integrated whole. In a simple system there is an input, a process and an output. One example of a simple system is a grinding machine, the input is the unfinished cast iron component, the process is the operation of the grinder, and the output is the finished product. Second example is that of a stapler, The input is that of an unstapled envelop, the process is a person operating the stapler, and the ...

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The answer to this problem explains how systems work in a health care organization . The references related to the answer are also included.