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Concepts in Cognition

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Define cognition examining simple, complex, and natural concepts (250 words).

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The solution provides information and advise on the topic of cognition with a focus on the concepts (see above) utilized in the process. The solution provides a suggested outline to guide students in putting together a task to answer the problem (see above) and exemplifies how the solution can be used by providing a narrative that corresponds to the outline, answering the problem.

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On Cognition

Cognition refers to the process of thinking, recognizing, perceiving, remembering, paying attending, focusing, producing, creating, utilizing and using/understanding language, solving problems and making sense. In other words, it encompasses all human mental process. It is the human capacity of processing information via a host of senses from which a human being views and experiences his reality/world. It is of interest in a host of disciplines from psychology, sociology, philosophy and the computer sciences. It can be conscious and unconscious or natural and artificial (as in artificial intelligence). Cognition is an essential human trait that allows for human beings to 'be', when we think, recognize ad understand, we ...

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