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Cliptomania Web Store's e-business launch

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Discuss the strategic issues faced by Cliptomania Web Store in launching and developing their e-business.
Provide your recommendations and analysis in a 2 page paper using proper APA formating. Please use APA in text citations and APA style references at the end of the paper.

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The strategic issues faced by Cliptomania Web Store in launching and developing their e-business are discussed. Recommendations and an analysis are provided.

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I have provided an outline of the paper. I also included a few of the websites. For the in text citations, choose the specific things you want to highlight to provide them. I cannot write your paper for you, but if you would like further help, please ask.

Cliptomania is a very specialized website-offering, clip on earrings. The most difficult for them will be meeting the fierce competition for jewelry consumers. While many people do not wear pierced earrings, there are options for them in most jewelry stores. Jewelry stores can be expensive stores, medium ranges like Kay Jewelers, or inexpensive costume like Claire's.

Another issues for Cliptomania is going to be the branding. The competition is both well branded and not. Some are associated with other brands. Every brand, those ...

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