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CHF:Implementation Challenges & Technology

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Analyze the case study, and develop the conclusions, recommendations, and implications.

Consider the implementation challenges in the case and the technologies used to meet them, along with the final questions posed at the end of the case.

Summarize your findings in a two page paper using proper APA formatting.

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This solution provides a detailed solution to the questions posed at the end of the Children's Health Fund (CHF) case study regarding implementation challenges and technology used to meet these challenges. APA formatted reference included.

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The Children's Health Fund focuses on providing healthcare to the "nation's most medically underserved children." The healthcare is delivered in R -size mobile medical clinics to bring care to the people most in need, visiting low-income neighborhoods, homeless and domestic violence shelters, schools, and community centers. These mobile medical centers also respond to public health crises emergencies, including 9/11 attacks, hurricanes Rita and Katrina and Sandy as well as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The Children's Health Fund prides itself on providing high quality primary care but this presents challenges. The CHF must develop a systemized approach that is aligned with high quality services typically found in a standard physician's office. This involves a need for sufficient high quality electrical power, which may be difficult to obtain during a crisis. The CHF must also comply with regulatory standard set forth by health organizations and government legislation. The computer and communications technology must be reliable and dependable, and have access to technical support. In addition, cost must be considered.

More specific challenges involve storing the electronic medical record of each patient to ensure remote access to data, while ...

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