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    The Internet/social media/iCloud and why it is important

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    Take a moment to reflect on The Internet as a social media / iCloud and why it is important to you.

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    In my opinion:

    The Internet as social media/iCloud is important to me for a variety of reasons. By using the Internet as a platform for social media, I can keep in touch easily with family and friends. This is particularly important for family and friends that are out of state, or that are vacationing out of the country. I can communicate via facebook, where I can even post short videos of my family and see others' videos that are on my "friends list." From a professional standpoint, I can use facebook or other social media platforms to easily communicate with coworkers. This works well with facebook's live chat feature, where I can send a message to a ...

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    This solution discusses the main ways in which the internet and cloud media is important, in today's society. The ways that the internet and the cloud are used, are also discussed in detail.