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Innovative Technology

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Reflect on what your background is with innovation technology. List three things that have the average business manager in the last five to ten years and what we do differently now because of these changes.

Why should we learn about information technology? It is said that networked computing and the Web change the way we live, work and study. Explain why

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This solution explains innovative technology, information technology, and networked communication. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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Step 1
Three things that have affected the average business manager in the last five to ten years are the use of information technology for recording and monitoring production of goods, the use of social media for recruitment, and the increasing use of company website for direct marketing of company's products. What we do differently because of these changes is that we have become more careful in the data we enter from the shop floor. The shop floor level workers have become more efficient because they know they are being monitored. Second, each of us has begun using the social media ...

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